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During Guatemala’s brutal 36-year civil war, hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans fled north to escape persecution from the Guatemalan military. Indigenous Maya, roughly half of Guatemala’s population, suffered a targeted genocide that left hundreds of thousands dead or disappeared. Even after the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996, formally ending the war, security conditions in Guatemala remained abysmal.

The first Committees of Relatives of the Disappeared were made up of mothers and relatives who took action and raised charges on both the national and international levels. With the birth of the Mutual Support Group in 1984, the search for the disappeared became the principal organized effort in the struggle for human rights during the war’s hardest years. Guatemalan society, still terrorized by repression, found its voice in the voices of the women who protested in the streets demanding the return of their relatives, and also demanding the justice that many others were too afraid to express. We uncovered the objectives of the most important forms of violence against women, especially massacres, rape, torture and humiliation. And we looked at some of the ways in which women stood up to the violence and its consequences under very difficult circumstances—often alone or in charge of their families. Women who saved the lives of relatives and members of their communities deserve recognition.

Yet, not much is being done to protect women and women’s rights in Guatemala. With women representing 51.2% of its 15.8 million population in 2014, women’s rights in Guatemala is especially important. As it is, 99% of femicide cases are unprosecuted, further perpetuating violence against women.

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Thanks toActionAid and our partner ASODEMNA (the New Dawn Women’s Association), we’re teaching women beekeeping and business skills. Beekeeping is profitable, requires little time, creates nutritious food and protects the environment. And they’re showing men in the village that women can run a business too.

Yet dependence is heightened in rural areas, where there are larger gender gaps in income and education, and in indigenous areas, where women face additional linguistic and cultural barriers to leaving their communities. I followed up with one victim, Virginia, twice interviewing her and her family in Santa Nimá, a municipality in western Guatemala. To make childbirth practices and delivery methods in indigenous contexts more culturally appropriate, ALIANMISAR approached the medical and nursing schools of the State University, advocating that students ethiopian women for marriage be trained so that women can deliver in the position they find most comfortable. For example, vertical birth is a common cultural practice for Indigenous women. Volunteers had attended an exchange with Peru about their childbirth practices and ALIANMISAR subsequently returned to the university to discuss their findings with the medical faculty. The findings also provide a strong foundation underpinning ALIANMISAR’s advocacy for improvements to health policy, protocols, health services, and facilities, resulting in improvements in care .

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She became the National Secretary for Youth for Winaq, a political movement with roots in the indigenous communities of Guatemala. Wug says the health system in Guatemala has protocols and a legal framework for reporting the crime. But healthcare professionals aren’t fully aware of the signs of violence against women and what they are expected to do if they encounter it.

In 2008, Guatemala passed a law, establishing special tribunals and sentencing guidelines for violence against women. However, violence against women continues as well as flawed investigations, enabling to perpetrators and victims alike that women’s lives do not matter.

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It also threatens humanity’s ability to achieve food security and fight climate change. Through our partners, we focus on citizen participation based on a rights-based approach, that is, ensuring that all members of the community are able to participate.

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala – Women are leading protests against gender violence and femicides this weekend in Guatemala, where the recent murder of a university student has sparked sorrow, outrage, and calls for action.
  • The Sepur Zarco case shows how seriously a community can be affected for decades, even centuries, by multiple overlapping injustices – from colonial-era crimes to more recent human rights violations.
  • In Guatemala, nearly 10 out of 100,000 women are killed on a yearly basis and the country ranks third worldwide in the killings of women.

Xiloj Cui has also been helping communities in Indigenous territories across Guatemala and Central America. In 2019, Xiloj Cui applied to become a judge in the Court of Appeals in order to ensure proper representation of Indigenous women from within the system.

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In December 1980, she and her driver went missing in Guatemala City, without a trace. She was presumably tortured and killed by undercover police agents linked to the military government of General Romeo Lucas Garcia. During the civil war, many indigenous women were forced into sexual slavery by the military. In 2016, a court in Guatemala ordered two former military officers to pay over $1m (£710,000) to 11 indigenous women whom they held as sex slaves during the civil war. Amerindian women in Guatemala face high levels of violence by the military, and state authorities. Many of them have not received school education, and live in extreme poverty. Girls in indigenous communities do not attend school because of the distance from their homes to school.