I also don generally consider countering or removing a draw

Each fund house would have its own criteria for deciding the same. This would lead to https://www.hermescheapbagsa.com huge differences among the definitions of various AMCs and comparing two funds from the same category would also sometimes result in an apple to orange comparison.To illustrate further, we have considered the example of UTI Mid Cap Fund and SBI Mid Cap Fund. Earlier, UTI Mid Cap Fund would invest at least 65 percent of its net assets in equity and equity related instruments issued by companies which were constituents of the CNX Mid Cap Index or S CNX 500 but not a part of the BSE Sensex 30 or Nifty 50 at the time of investment.SBI Mid Cap Fund, on the other hand, defined midcaps as the stocks that fell between the 101st to 400th stock, when ranked in terms of market capitalisation.As per the new rules, top 100 companies, in terms of market capitalisation, will be considered as largecaps, the 101st to 250th companies will be considered as midcaps and the 251st onwards will be considered smallcaps.Along with this, SEBI also laid down minimum investment criteria for large, mid and small companies.

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