Moon in Taurus (the strongest) The arts

replica bags supplier Moon in Ares Battles, combat, conflict, consecration of altar, consecration of swords, ego, energy, energy work, greens, health, heroism, impatience, knives, making trouble, naivet, new ventures, pioneering, quick results, rescuing people in trouble, restlessness, sarcasm, sharp things, surgery, vitality, war, warriors, weapons, working, on/with magical weapons. Moon in Taurus (the strongest) The arts, binding, business, conservation, contacting Deity, dance, endurance, essence of earth, ethics, farming, fertility, Gaia, greed, love, music, patience, physical love, planting, possessions, prosperity, security, self esteem, sensuality, sex, silence, values, wealth. Moon in Gemini Bisexual issues, buying, cars, commerce, communication, computers, consecration of cards, consecration of pictures, consecration of tools, consecration of wands, contacting Deity, dual nature, field trips, friends, gay issues, gossip, ideas, innuendos, intelligence, learning, long distance communication, memory, movement, neighbours, networking, selling, short trips, siblings, sleight of hand, teaching, thievery, telephones, trans gender issues, transportation, travel, words. replica bags supplier

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replica bags london No gloves really benefits the more technical striker and range management since you can just spam punches and use the gloves to cover.One Championship has muay thai with 4oz gloves in a cage and it probably my favorite ruleset right now for kickboxing/striking. Hope it takes off but One has to cater to the kickboxing market stars like Petrosyan who are great kickboxers but would probably be much less effective against pure MT fighters with small gloves. So unfortunately their lightweight kickboxing tournament will be 8oz gloves with 0 clinching and elbows replica bags london.


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