Now that just helped reinforce being overly prepared because

I’ve known Marcus since he was four years old. He used to play with my son Joe. Joe and Marcus were born just three months apart. It not necessarily an excuse for her behavior but it seems like Gretchen just really has no clue what to do anymore.I could also be reading too much into it but this show seems to be trying to explore the very grey areas in a relationship. Makes for wonderful television!A lot of people are talking about a possible suicide attempt from Gretchen and I don see that at all.For one, women almost as a rule do not commit suicide with guns. I know this is a show, but they are handling things pretty realistically.

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high quality Replica Hermes Another underacknowledged element of late period Burton is that without Depp front and center, he seems more likely to turn his attention to female performers, like Mia Wasikowska in Alice or Amy Adams in Big Eyes. Given that, it’s a shame that he has yet to craft (or, given his tendencies, adapt) an unequivocal leading role for Green.This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me but I have been a huge fan of Eva Green since Casino Royale and to me she amazing in pretty much all of her work (even when the work is otherwise mediocre), but I feel like the TV series Penny Dreadful really was the first “unequivocal leading role” for her in awhile, and it was such a delight to watch Eva put her skills to full use there. Specifically that she didn like shooting in Ireland high quality Replica Hermes.


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