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Being Humanitarian works hand in hand with Deaf Reach to raise funding for the 7 schools currently serving the deaf community in Pakistan.

Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers provide comprehensive academic instruction, literacy development and vocational skills training to deaf children and adults in an enabling environment where students can excel.

Admission is provided on a “pay-as you-can-afford” basis, with 98 percent of students on scholarships which cover all academic and vocational training costs. To facilitate access to school, daily transport up to a radius of 40 kilometres is provided for all students at each campus. Deaf Reach also offers regular training programs for parents and teachers to improve their communication with deaf children and students.

Technology is used extensively to reinforce visual learning, with all students mastering IT skills from an early age. Emphasis is given to the use of Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) in the classroom to facilitate learning. Students ultimately become literate in three languages: Sign Language, Urdu and English.

Deaf Reach prepares its students for government-issued Metric exams, and job placement opportunities upon graduation. To date, 96 percent of examinees achieve high passing marks in all core subjects, which include IT and the Arts. In addition to academics, Deaf Reach offers basic vocational skills training to all students, ages 12 and older. Advanced vocational training courses are available for deaf young adults to equip them with marketable skills and prepare them for gainful employment. All Deaf Reach campuses are equipped with vocational training labs offering courses in IT skills, cooking and nutrition, arts, handicrafts, weaving, sewing, embroidery, screen printing, and tailoring.

Target: £100,000 to support a Deaf Reach School, £100 donations towards Deaf Reach.