I saying that NN was never enforced

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uk canada goose They soon broke that. And I would never trust a regulatory body to not use powers it has at it discretion.”Net Neutrality” =/= Title II “Net Neutrality” =/= Any policy that people present as Net NeutralityI “vote” on Net Neutrality the second someone actually promotes such. Republicans are idiots or the subject and Democrats are demanding more regulatory power than they need. I won sign away total control just in hopes that they regulate what I desire and nothing more.This isn just a Net Neutrality vs no Net Neutrality situation. And I fucking sick of people making ever issue so binary when it far from such.joanzen 8 points submitted 2 days agoIt bigger than that. I saying that NN was never enforced, and when people take the few moments of time required to mentally contemplate how much monitoring and privacy violations would be required to actually enforce NN rules, you start to understand why it was such a clear decision to make.People were saying, “the sky will fall if NN is removed!”, but then NN was removed and suddenly new network rollouts are being announced and no sky fell.People are still saying, “we have to undo this before it too late!”, but NN was never monitored, much less enforced.Don get me wrong, eventually I expect the will of the masses will need to be appeased, even if it not logical. uk canada goose

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