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Health is an important area and of focus and under this Health Program Being Humanitarian runs a number of different development projects in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our health program framework defines our commitments to save lives and reduce suffering in times of emergencies and otherwise. We endeavor to strengthen the capacity and resilience of health systems by building partnerships that involve the local communities and coordinating with the national authorities.

In 2014, Being Humanitarian established medical camps to screen for coronal diseases. These camps also provided vaccinations and essential medicines for seasonal viruses. The project made an impact on over 500 patients.

Health Campaigns

Wheelchairs (Assistance Device)

It’s estimated that 105 million people across the world need an appropriate wheelchair – a wheelchair that is safe, functional and provides the ri ...

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Medical Camps

Target: £10,000 to sponsor medical screening for 10,000 beneficiaries, £500 to sponsor a medical camp ...

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