Community Water Well Project

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  • Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Through community water wells Being Humanitarian helps individuals and whole communities to transform the way they live by giving them access to clean water. The project begins with identifying the particular area or region in need and then installing the well. This project is specially designed for the people of district Khuzdar in Pakistan and for the people of Sri Lanka , where the HDI (Humanitarian Development Index) is one of the lowest in the world. We have a very strong, fully-experienced team in this district with the capacity for project-delivery in accordance with the IFRC Code of Conduct and Sphere standards.

These community water wells are manually dug and then built with a proper framework including brick layering internally, a raised RCC platform covered from each side to support the walls, and a proper drainage for waste water.

  • Target £75,000 to install 100 community water wells.
  • £750 to sponsor a Community Water Well