Wheelchairs (Assistance Device)

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  • Bangladesh, Pakistan

It’s estimated that 105 million people across the world need an appropriate wheelchair – a wheelchair that is safe, functional and provides the right level of support. In developing countries, people with mobility disabilities are commonly the most vulnerable and excluded members of society. Without an appropriate wheelchair (assistance device), they can’t leave their homes, go to school or get a job. And they are at risk of potentially fatal secondary health complications like pressure sores.

People with disabilities are subject to neglect oppression, violence and discrimination. Poverty creates disability and disability creates poverty. People with disabilities are often among the poorest of the poor. Our aim is to mainstream the physical challenged people and provide them a Wheelchair to help them to achieve freedom of mobility, being independent and regain their self-esteem.

Target: £60,000 to distribute 500 wheelchairs, £120 to sponsor a Wheelchair.