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  • Pakistan

FESF has been engaging Pakistani youth in community work for over a decade and has developed an approach which caters to their particular needs, style, and interests. MOVE training programs have been conducted for over 3,000 youth in universities, colleges and schools. The social action projects implemented have impacted more than 160,000 beneficiaries of various backgrounds.

These projects include a yearly Children’s Benefit Concert for 5,000 less privileged and special needs children; annual inclusive summer camps for upwards of 300 orphan and deaf children; play and laughter therapy in hospitals; earthquake and flood relief projects; environmental conservation; advocacy and awareness; setting up libraries and school renovations; extracurricular programs for underprivileged children; and much more.

  • Provide youth with leadership and project management skills to bring about a social change.
  • Increase involvement of youth in developing and implementing social action projects and optimize the effectiveness and sustainability of those projects.

Bring together youth of diverse backgrounds on a common platform to foster unity, create social awareness, develop cross cultural understanding, and promote diversity.


MOVE participants develop a sense of social activism throughout the program. By applying key concepts in volunteerism and leadership, participants will also find enrichment in many other areas, such as educational performance, career opportunities and life experience.

Trained volunteers have led initiatives which have supported education, healthcare, environment conservation, human rights and social awareness.

Target Audience

MOVE is designed for young people ages 14-24. Most course participants are selected from within schools, colleges and universities throughout the country.

A Junior MOVE Program is currently being designed for young people ages 9 to 13.

Target: £50,000 to support youth motivation program, £250 to sponsor a workshop for youth.